January 28, 2008

Make a ladybug and dragonfly collage using craft sticks

Ladybird and dragonfly collage

Very special crafts can be made using wooden craft sticks (a.k.a. popsicle sticks or lolly sticks), like this ladybug and dragonfly collage. Find a simple picture for your design and color the sticks according to it. Then let your kids arrange and glue the colored sticks on a piece of construction paper. Using other supplies along with craft sticks and combining different techniques can be a good idea. For example, I used also black round stickers, a pipe cleaner and wiggly eyes for this simple project. Wiggly eyes can be easily made out of discarded tablet blister packs, or just purchased at a crafts store.


Inna D. said...

Thank you!

Beginner Bridge - NZBridge Students said...

My 9 year old saw this and exclaimed "Oh! Can You print that?!? I want to copy that! That is SO cool"

So, I've just printed it out... we'll see where this leads :)

Unknown said...

Cute ideas. I've included this project in my craft stick activities roundup here: http://productivewahm.com/26-craft-stick-projects-for-every-letter-of-the-alphabet/