June 19, 2008

How to make a papier-mache lion piñata

Lion Piñata

Piñata is a hollow toy filled with small gifts (sweets, toys etc.). A piñata is made usually for a celebration, it hangs from the ceiling and is to be broken with a stick by a blindfolded child (if found). We made our lion piñata for daughter's birthday, but she didn't have enough strength and courage to brake it herself (it's her first piñata).

June 15, 2008

Home-made custom rubber stamps

Stamp and the print

Kids love stamping. Roberta's stamps inspired me to carve simple stamps from erasers for my children. Use special gouges if you have (like lino cutting tools), or a craft knife if you don't. A ballpoint pen is good for drawing on an eraser. After the stamp is ready, apply some paint (we used watercolours) and print.

It's a girl! Quilled greeting card

It's a girl! Quilling card

"It's a girl!" greeting card for a friend. A bottle, baby carriage, butterflies and balloons. No flowers this time, for a change.

June 11, 2008

Curious bird marionette

Nosey marionette bird

One day my elder daughter asked me to make a marionette. That's why this birdie was born. It's made mostly from all kinds of waste — bottles, lids, fabric scraps etc. Well, let's start.