May 31, 2010

Quilled heart greeting card

Quilled heart greeting card

This is one of my old quilled cards made for Valentine's Day (sorry, couldn't show it back then). Colored copy paper, watercolor paper, and wrapping paper have been used for this one. The quilled heart was created using 1/8"-wide (3 mm) strips. This technique is called "multi-strip open coil" in Jane Jenkins' wonderful book on quilling. I like the way lower part of the heart resembles tree roots, although it came out unintentionally :) That's all for now. You might also like my more traditionally-looking Valentine cards.

May 14, 2010

Insects — quilling designs

Insects, various designs using paper quilling

Unfortunately, I'm not having much time for blogging these days, although I do have new pieces to show off. In the meanwhile, I'll try to do some cleaning up and writing overview posts, which I feel may help my readers to find what they need. Today's post is about quilled insects.