November 26, 2008

Fish, three-dimensional quilling

Fish. 3D quilling. Detail

A simple three-dimensional fish: I'm mastering the 3D quilling :) Its length is about 7 cm and it's made of hand-painted paper strips. Unfortunately, I have a lot of new ideas, but lack the time :(

Fish. 3D quilling

Make a clay Hanukkah Menorah with bugs and flowers

Hanukiah with candles

I've decided to post this for those parents who are probably looking for an idea for children's Hanukkah Menorah. We made this one for our older daughter a couple of years ago.

November 23, 2008

Homemade owl birthday cake

Owl cake. Detail

Another birthday cake, one I made long ago. I'm not going to write the recipe, but only how to decorate it. For this owl cake you will need:

November 17, 2008

Space rocket and planets. Quilled kids birthday card

Space quilling

I have two wonderful nephews, both celebrated their birthdays not long ago. My older nephew saw my quilling and asked to make something for him. I couldn't say no :). I made a rocket, glued in a picture of him, added some stars and planets.

Happy birthday!

November 10, 2008

Recycling craft: Robot made from boxes


We made this robot from various junk items: boxes, lids and bottle caps of different shape and size. All you need is to unfold the boxes, then fold them inside out and glue. Afterwards assemble the robot, paint it and attach bottle caps for eyes, ears, knobs and buttons. We also used drinking straws for the mouth. You can play with the robot or use it as a wall decoration, and even give it a hug if it's big enough :)

By the way, you must see the robots Gail from "That artist woman" made with her kids!

How to sew homemade ballet slippers

Home-made ballet slippers

I've sewn these simple slippers for my daughter's dance classes. For this project I bought scrap leather, although an old bag or jacket can be used. I also needed cotton fabric for the lining and an elastic band to thread around the ankle. I followed the instructions at (I don't read Japanese, but could figure out from the pictures).

November 9, 2008

Water lily. Framed quilling

Water lily, paper quilling

At last we had an opportunity to visit the Utopia park. Frankly speaking, we didn't expect too much, in spite of the numerous positive feedbacks we've read. To our surprise, we had a lot of fun, took almost 250 pictures, and I even got the inspiration for a new quilling project.

Recycling craft: make binoculars out of actimel bottles

Child looking through binoculars

This project is so easy, that you even don't need pictures in order to understand it. To make a toy binoculars:

November 8, 2008

Make gigantic pencils out of toilet paper rolls

Gigantic pencils

Another simple toy — gigantic pencils made out of toilet paper tubes.

DIY: Homemade stencils for kids

Paints and prints

Very often the most simple ideas are also the most successful ones. Try making stencils for your kids and see. Stencils are easy to make even for those who aren't very crafty, they don't take up space at all, and are easy to use. At the same time they let you explore your creativity: you can combine a number of stencils, make prints of different colour and density, and so on. You can also make brand new stencils whenever you wish!

Exploring acorns: vocabulary, collage, and quilling


Without doubt the oak is one of the most fascinating and interesting trees. Among other activities we like watching an oak that grows nearby, at different stages of its life cycle. It has different parts and looks different when seasons change. There also different creatures living in it.