November 9, 2008

Water lily. Framed quilling

Water lily, paper quilling

At last we had an opportunity to visit the Utopia park. Frankly speaking, we didn't expect too much, in spite of the numerous positive feedbacks we've read. To our surprise, we had a lot of fun, took almost 250 pictures, and I even got the inspiration for a new quilling project.

Among other magnificent flowers they have in Utopia, there are beatiful water lilies, like the one shown in the picture below.

Water lily. Photo

And this is its quilled reproduction. I studied the picture thoroughly looking for a way to make the flower using rolled paper strips.

Water lily close-up, quilling

Let me tell shortly how I made it. I used the fringed flowers technique to create the centre of the flower. In order to make its inner part yellow, I glued two wide strips together lengthwise, and only then made the cuts. There are two rows of petals, each one made up of 13 quilled "eye" elements glued together. To produce the concave shape put the flower into a cup of the appropriate size before the glue dries up. And finally, I used the method of alternate side looping (for the first time) to make the leaves.

The frame is made out of a sweets box, painted in gouache mixed with white crafts glue.