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Room thermometers with paper quilling

Dear readers! First off, I would like to thank you for all those emails of appreciation and encouragement I receive from you, as well as your comments on this blog. I read them all, without exception. And I value them a lot! Unfortunately, I not always have time to reply, so I want to apologize, too. Now it's time to keep my promise (see Thermometers decorated with quilling ) and show you two other thermometers.

3D Quilled Animals - Lion

Recently I came across my 3D quilled lion tutorial ripped off by a web site from a PDF (along with other tutorials), and shared on Pinterest. Can't help stumbling upon stolen images and tutorials here and there :( Anyways, I would like to remind that the tutorial is available in high resolution , with detailed instructions in English , and absolutely free of charge . It can be downloaded from the page Lion: 3D Quilling Project . Moreover, everybody is welcome to distribute the file or even host it on their website, legally . Some thoughts for those of you who publish things on the Internet. In the past I released some quality content under a Creative Commons license, hoping to give people an opportunity to use it legally, while also benefiting from this myself a little bit. And here are my observations: for every legal use (if at all), I find tens of illegal ones, that is without even mentioning the source. It looks as though every image without a watermark just asks to be sto

Thermometers decorated with quilling

Today I would like to show you how a simple and ordinary object can be turned into a lovely gift — a wall thermometer like this one, for instance. I decorated it with a simple quilled pattern, and the only things I needed for this were a simple wooden room thermometer and a 12" x 12" (~30 x 30 cm) sheet of thick recycled paper.