December 9, 2012

Tutorial: How to make tendrils for paper quilling

In my quilling I often use tendrils (spirals). They are especially good for quilled tree trunks and branches, like in my Cherry blossom picture, for instance. They can be also used in cardmaking and scrapbooking for making intricate embellishments, like those on this Valentine's Day card or the pink Birthday greeting card. However, creating perfect tendrils for paper quilling is not as simple as it may look. Some of my readers asked me how I create tendrils for my quilling, so here we go, a tutorial on the subject :) In this short video I share my method of making tendrils using a needle tool and 1/16" & 1/8" strips. You can also use an awl, a thin knitting needle or even a toothpick. Don't be disappointed if you can't get it right right away, just keep practicing.

December 6, 2012

Hanukiah made using discarded discs and boxes

A quick Hanukkah post today. For the second time in a row, our Hanukkah Menorah (or Hanukiah) made of recycled materials won first prize in the school contest. That was a big challenge to our craft skills. How many new craft ideas can you come up with, really? This year we made our Hanukiah of round cheese containers and old compact discs we had been collecting for almost two years. The cardboard containers were assembled together to build the body of the Hanukiah, which was then painted dark brown to make a good uniform backdrop for the brightly colored decoration.