December 21, 2011

Simple framed quilling with daisies and a bumblebee

Quilling picture: Daisies and a bumblebee

I made this quick and simple quilling picture with daisies and fluffy orange flowers for a gift. The innovation here is that the bumblebee is fluffy, too, unlike all my other quilled bumblebees. I made it using the fringed flowers technique of black, white, and yellow paper strips 1/4 inches wide (~7 mm) and 6 inches long (~15 cm) each. This lengths corresponds to half the length of a 12"-long quilling strip or an A4 paper sheet.

December 12, 2011

Quilled dragon for kids

Quilled Night Fury

You are probably familiar with this quilled dragon I made with my children on last summer vacation. This is Toothless the Night Fury from "How to Train Your Dragon". My kids like the movie very much, so we decided to create together this lovely character. Quilling strips of black, bright-green and red colors were used for the project, all of them 1/8" wide (3 mm). We also used pieces of black paper for the wings. The wingspan of the dragon is about 4 3/8 inches (or 11 cm). Isn't he cute?

December 8, 2011

Cards for promoting quilling in Israel

I'm happy to share with my readers great news. First, I have begun teaching quilling workshops. I have also started a blog in Hebrew which is called הקסם של קווילינג ("The Magic of Quilling"). I really hope that the two facts will help promoting the art of quilling in my country.

December 1, 2011

Giant Hanukiah made of corrugated cardboard

Giant Hanukiah, front view

Like every year, my children are participating in the school contest of Hanukkah Menorahs made using recycled materials. Last year we made a Hanukiah of discarded plastic egg-shaped containers, this year it was decided to create a large one of cardboard.