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Quilled galleon "Golden Hind"

Let me show you today my new three-dimensional quilled creation. This is a model of a sailboat, or to be precise — the galleon "Golden Hind" . I started this project about a year ago, but couldn't finish it until recently.

Mazal Tov quilling card

Some time ago I created this simple greeting card with paper quilling. The lettering says "Mazal Tov" (מזל טוב) or "Congratulations!" in Hebrew, I used letter stickers for it. The base was made out of thick watercolor paper.

Quilled sheep for Agricola board game

When a colleague of my husband saw my blog, he asked if I could create miniature sheep figures for him. It turned out that he's an Agricola game fan. For this board game you need sheep among other things. Besides the game itself, its fans value handmade pieces for it. The animals have to be tiny, approximately 3/8" x 3/8" (1 x 1 cm) in size. Most of the Agricola animals found on the Web are made of polymer clay (FIMO, for instance).