July 31, 2010

Flower basket quilling picture

Flower basket - framed picture

I started making this flower basket last winter. Since it turned out extremely time-consuming, I had to make a break at some point, then resumed working on it, and eventually got enough time to finish it. For this project I used hand-cut 1/8-inch wide (3 mm) paper strips. The basket is made of white strips with gilded edges created using a metallic gold marker.

July 15, 2010

3D quilled princess reading a book

Quilled princess with book

Let me introduce to you a new character in my collection of three-dimensional quilled miniatures. This is a princess in a fancy dress. It's hard to call this miniature a masterpiece, but my girls love playing with her, and this is most rewarding to me. The lower part is made up of two layers: the base is a quilled bell (beehive) of 1/8" strips decorated with "eyes" and tight coils; on top of it there's another layer, which consists of wheatear shapes created using 1/16"-wide paper strips. The crown is decorated with tiny rhinestones, as well as the pendant. The book is made of small colored paper sheets, about 3/16 x 3/16 inches each (5 x 5 mm). I decided not to create facial features this time. Height: approx. 3 inches (7.5 cm).

To learn the basics of three-dimensional quilling please download my step-by-step tutorial for making a 3D lion.

July 9, 2010

How to fold a rose (quilling)

Folded roses on a Valentine card

It's amazing how every quiller has her own method to fold a rose. I, too, have some tricks that I've never seen before, either on the Web or in a book. So, please welcome my — yet another — tutorial on making folded roses.