July 9, 2010

How to fold a rose (quilling)

Folded roses on a Valentine card

It's amazing how every quiller has her own method to fold a rose. I, too, have some tricks that I've never seen before, either on the Web or in a book. So, please welcome my — yet another — tutorial on making folded roses.

In order to create a rose like one in the picture, you will need a 3/8"-wide (~1 cm), 12"-long (~30 cm) strip of paper, a quilling tool and glue.

Folded rose, steps 1-4

Step 1: Insert the end of the paper strip into the slit of your quilling tool.

Step 2: Roll the strip a little onto the quilling tool, making two or three turns. In the photographs I turn the tool counter-clockwise.

Step 3: Bend the strip out and down near the tip of the quilling tool, at an angle of about 110-120 degrees.

Step 4: Roll the the crease a little onto the tool.

Folded rose, steps 5-8

Step 5: Make another crease close to the end of the previous one by bending the strip out and down again.

Step 6: Roll the new crease a bit onto the quilling tool.

Step 7: Repeat rolling and folding the strip, creating the rose flower.

Step 8: When you've used up the strip, take the rose off the quilling tool and glue the end of the strip down to the bottom side of the flower.

Folded rose, steps 9-12

Step 9: Press the center of the rose down, the rolled end of the strip will peep out from its reverse side.

Step 10: Bend this end and glue it underneath the flower. This will keep it from unfolding.

Step 11: Hold the flower together until the glue dries up. You can see what its reverse side looks like.

Step 12: Now you may use your folded rose for a greeting card, quilled embellishment, etc.

If you want to make a folded rose with a stem, you'll need to fold the flower around a toothpick, a cocktail stick or a piece of wire. The process in this case will be a bit different. You won't have a loose rolled end that you can glue underneath the flower to hold the layers together, so roll the rose directly onto a toothpick instead of a quilling tool. First, glue the end of the paper strip to the toothpick before starting to fold the rose. Then follow steps 2 through 8, except that you'll need to apply some glue between the layers as you go.


Karuna said...


thanks for sharing this tip!

I definitely learnt something new. Step 9 would be useful :)


Ann Martin said...

Beautiful end result! Isn't it funny how we all have different methods? I've never tried your idea of making a rose with a stem - will have to do that as it could be very useful. Thanks Inna - another lovely tutorial.

SUGANTHI said...

Thanks for sharing.

eva said...

Спасибо за ваш метод,это поучительно.
А я много лет делаю розы из лент,ткани и т.д.,почему-то мне из этих материалов легче делать.
Лет 10 назад когда я работала в отделе упаковки подарков,клиентам очень нравились такие розы.

kalanirmitee said...

Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ash said...

Thanks a ton for this sharing this info deary.... It means a lot.... God Bless!!! I would love to try it, thought without the quilling tool :( Hugs )))


Whimcees said...

Your roses are beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial! :<)

Wishing you a good week!

Barbara Diane

Ольгусёнок said...

Спасибо огромное! Делала розы немного по-другому, теперь попробую так. Восхищаюсь Вашими работами, можно сказать на них и училась. Последняя открытка, как всегда супер!

Inna D. said...

Thanks everybody very much! Your comments are so encouraging, as always.

I used to fold roses with a toothpick when I didn't have a quilling tool. Try cutting a slit at its end. Good luck!

Inna D. said...

Спасибо всем огромное за комментарии!

GreenEarth said...

This is a great tutorial, such pretty flowers. I am yet to get great finish like you, however I have been trying and here are my results.

Inna D. said...

Thank you, GreenEarth! Your roses are very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

fajnie tylko skąd wziąć takie fioletowe urządzenie?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ina

Thanks for posting the tutorial. You have a wonderful website and I always come back here whenever I have quilling problems. Just wanted to check with you if you have any other website as I found your designs elsewhere too. I have posted the link down.



Inna D. said...

This is a quilling tool, you may try looking for it in crafts stores, ordering on the Internet or making one yourself out of a toothpick, cocktail stick or bamboo skewer, like here.

Inna D. said...

Thank you for the compliments and for letting me know about that site! Unfortunately, some people don't feel uncomfortable stealing articles and images from other sites. Some just don't know it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these easy to follow instructions on making a rose. I have a few books that I was trying to follow, but just couldn't get it. I finally went to the web and found a few other sites (one a video where you couldn't see the woman's hands or what she was doing), but none of them really helped me until I came upon your site. With your easy to follow instructions, I am now finally able to make beautiful roses. I also looked at some of the other beautiful projects that you and your kids have made. My 5 year old and I are going to have fun creating works of art. She has already played with some of the shapes, but not yet put them on paper. I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you for doing this.


Inna D. said...

Thank you so much, Julie! I hope you'll have fun with your daughter :)

Anonymous said...

Inna your creations are amazing, my eyes can not believe that in this world exists such a wonderful things... you give me great ideas and i want to say that you are a great teacher for me. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

hello INNA
nice doing of craft

Елена said...

Здравствуйте, Инна!
Работы Ваши толкают на творчество немедленное. Хотелось бы что- то сохранить для себя.На общественных началах даю уроки работы с бумагой в воскресной школе детям (оригами, айрис фолдинг, квиллинг..). Дети разного возраста пищат от удовольствия, когда узнают новое. Интернет не под рукой, скачиваю материал заранее и впрок на сайтах, где разрешено. И может быть разрешите мне скопировать основы квиллинга. С уважением , Елена.

Inna D. said...

Здравствуйте, Елена! Если вам не сложно, напишите мне пожалуйста письмо по электронной почте, мой адрес есть здесь: "Обо мне" и я напишу вам ответ, (просто не хочу обсуждать это в блоге).

Anonymous said...


Inna D. said...

Thank you!

Manuela said...

Muchas gracias, probaré a hacerlo.

Inna D. said...

You're welcome, Manuela!

Anonymous said...

Great work... Thanks for sharing the tip..... I've been browsing long since for an easy, beautiful rose like this....

Dogcrazy said...

This is so pretty. I always thought they were so hard.But thanks I got the hang of it. You must be the quilling queen.

Inna D. said...

Thanks a lot!

Nataša said...

thank you SO SO SO much!

Inna D. said...

You are welcome, Iskrica!

Anonymous said...

Inna you are an awesome artist I am deeply inspired. I just love the way you make everything seem so easy! I made a card for my valentine and he couldn't believe it was made from paper, thanks a ton! x

tijerasycuchara said...

hello, beautifull flowers, thank for your tutorial
have a good day

Unknown said...

Regards Inna.
Your work is excellent. Loved your quilling projects
and tips. Your teaching technique is of the best I've come across. Thamk you.

Unknown said...

Regards Inna.
Your work is excellent. Loved your quilling projects
and tips. Your teaching technique is of the best I've come across. Thamk you.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for this beautiful tutorial..cheers..!!


tijerasycuchara.wordpress.com said...

I like your work

Unknown said...

beautiful, i have seen some quilled tutorial but this is the best and clearest to understand!! thankyou.. im also a quiller, you can visit my blog here: yukipaperhouse.blogspot.com