November 26, 2008

Make a clay Hanukkah Menorah with bugs and flowers

Hanukiah with candles

I've decided to post this for those parents who are probably looking for an idea for children's Hanukkah Menorah. We made this one for our older daughter a couple of years ago.

Hanukiah before and after being painted

Back then we used DAS modelling clay for it, but I'm almost sure any polymer clay will do as well.

Hanukiah with flowers. Detail. Butterfly

Cover a strip of wood with clay to build the base. The thickness of the strip doesn't really matter, it just makes the skeleton of your Hanukiah and gives it rigidity.

Roll some clay until it forms a long and thick snake, cut it in pieces to make 9 short "barrels". Make a depression for a candle in each barrel. This can be done with a pencil, for example.

How to make a clay flower

Form 5 tear drop shaped petals for each flower and attach them to the barrels. Attach the barrels to the base, let your Hanukiah dry, then paint it. That's it. The quality of finish depends on your skills and how much time is left until dawn :)

Hanukiah with flowers. Detail. Ladybug

A floral Hanukiah can be also decorated with bugs and butterflies. One flower must stand out from the others — the shamash. We made it in a different size and shape.

Hanukiah with flowers. Detail

You might be also interested in the Hanukiyot we made last year.

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