November 8, 2008

Make gigantic pencils out of toilet paper rolls

Gigantic pencils

Another simple toy — gigantic pencils made out of toilet paper tubes.

1. Join two toilet paper tubes using an adhesive tape.

Toilet paper tubes

2. Wrap them in a sheet of coloured paper using glue.

Wrapping in coloured paper

3. Make a cardboard cone. You can use a stapler to connect its sides. The cone must be larger than the tube's opening.

Cardboard cone

4. Insert the cone into the toilet paper tube and trace around the rim of the tube.

Tracing around the tube

5. Leave approximately 1 cm off the traced line and cut. Then make small cuts along the edge of the cone.

Making small cuts

6. Fold them a little inwards, cover with glue and attach to the tube as shown in the picture.

Almost done

7. Glue a small paper cone the same colour as the pencil onto its tip. That's it!


Teddie Seeley said...

what a fun thing to do with the kids and grandkids.

Inna D. said...

Thanks :)