Quilled heart greeting card

Quilled heart greeting card

This is one of my old quilled cards made for Valentine's Day (sorry, couldn't show it back then). Colored copy paper, watercolor paper, and wrapping paper have been used for this one. The quilled heart was created using 1/8"-wide (3 mm) strips. This technique is called "multi-strip open coil" in Jane Jenkins' wonderful book on quilling. I like the way lower part of the heart resembles tree roots, although it came out unintentionally :) That's all for now. You might also like my more traditionally-looking Valentine cards.


Pastila said…
Инна, какая красота!
Сделайте плз мини-МК как полоски так креативно склеить :)
Manasa said…
This such a super cute card...I am going to try out this one for sure :) Thanks Inna :) Great work...
Inna D. said…
Pastila, спасибо! Посмотри вот здесь, у Анюты - мне кажется, там все понятно.

Manasa, thank you very much!
Восхитительные работы! я покорена =)
This is very pretty! Love the curly tails!
Anjuta said…
Красивая открытка!!! Оформление супер!!! Столько техник и квиллинг и вырезание и скрапбукинг!!!
Inna D. said…
Надежда, Анюта, спасибо большое!

Thanks a lot, Scrapninny!
Karthika Sen said…
very nice i always loved ur work... u r my great inspiration.... visit my blog if you get a chance..
Baukje said…
Hallo Inna
jou kaart is schitterend mooi!!!
Groetjes Baukje
Anonymous said…
Hi Inna:
The card is lovely. I like the white template you mounted the quilling on. Did you just draw the shape and cut it out?
very beautiful, You are my inspiration for using different types of paper. As I too have difficulty in getting quilling paper.
Inna D. said…
Thanks everybody!

I drew the shape and cut it out after mounting the quilling, that is when the quilled heart was already glued down onto a white rectangle.
kalanirmitee said…
Beautiful card... I liked the way you have used different papers to make your card. Thanks for sharing.
Inna D. said…
Thank you, Priyadarshini!
irgri said…
как красиво.. потрясающе смотрится.. браво!
Inna D. said…
Ирина, спасибо!
what a great idea !
I love it
Thanks for sharing

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