June 19, 2008

How to make a papier-mache lion piñata

Lion Piñata

Piñata is a hollow toy filled with small gifts (sweets, toys etc.). A piñata is made usually for a celebration, it hangs from the ceiling and is to be broken with a stick by a blindfolded child (if found). We made our lion piñata for daughter's birthday, but she didn't have enough strength and courage to brake it herself (it's her first piñata).

An easy way to make a piñata is papier-mache. It hasn't to be perfect, taking into account its lifetime. We made three layers of papier-mache on a balloon, then let it dry. Pulled out the balloon, decorated the piñata, attached coloured paper strips for the mane and simple paper ears.

You can find a lot of sites about piñatas. Here are two videos that might be useful if you decide to make one of your own: How to Make a Pinata and How to Make a Paper Bag Piñata.


Anonymous said...

1-6-2009, I had my two grandchildren start this project during the holidays. Each had his own balloon and strips of paper. They returned to their home before we finished. I finished both lions. This was a lot of fun. Your instructions on how to do the paper mache was of great help. We plan to use both pinata' for a "Chronicles of Narnia" birthday party.

Inna D. said...

I'm glad that you found my instructions useful. Thank you for writing this comment and happy birthday :)

Kalieah pollard said...

OMG!!! i sooo cant wait to make this for my sons Zoo themed 1st bday party!!! Now i dont have to buy one...i can make it instead

Inna D. said...

I'm glad you liked it :)))

Anonymous said...

I'm not very creative but this is so easy to make. I've started making the piñata for my sons 1st jungle bday party. It's so much fun, I just hope it looks as nice as yours did!