February 10, 2008

Papercraft mouse finger puppet

Mouse Finger Puppet

These finger puppets are very easy to make. They are also so cute, that kids just love them. All you need is a small piece of paper, scissors, glue and colour pencils.

Cut out a quadrant (see the diagram below), roll and glue a small cone. Then cut out ears, a tail and whiskers. When cutting the whiskers, leave a narrow gap in the middle for gluing. Put everything together, then paint eyes and nose. And don't forget to curl up the whiskers!

Mouse Finger Puppet Diagram


Jessica said...

Thanks for posting this easy, cute little project. I made one for my 2 year old and then let my 4 year old cut out his own shapes and color in the details. It was a great, easy rainy-day project!

Inna D. said...

I'm glad your kids liked it! Check out the other projects, too. Most of them have proved to be good for my 5 (almost) and 3 (double) year olds.
Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so selfless I can learn so much craft from your site, I am going to try some of those with my kid, thanks alot!
Love Anny

Inna D. said...

You are welcome!