October 3, 2008

Red-haired fairy: 3D quilled doll

Red haired fairy (closeup). 3D quilling

I keep exploring three-dimensional quilling, as you can see. When making this red haired fairy I tried to make it differently from many other quilled fairies (like in Three-Dimensional Quilling: Making Characters). First, her wings are shorter. I paid a price, though. Short wings do not support her, so I had to glue her onto a matchbox to keep her upright.

I also made her a magic wand out of a paper rectangle and a bead. Folded a tiny rose and put it into the fairy's hair. For the face I cut out paper eyelashes and mouth, and painted the eyes using felt-tip pens.

That's it. She is about 8 cm high, by the way.

Red haired fairy. 3D quilling

My first three-dimensional quilling: Lady in blue.

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