Kids' quilling: Lion greeting card

Lion. Kids greeting card with quilling

My older daughter made this greeting card with a quilled lion for dad's birthday. It's not the same level as my present, of course :), but I think it's still very cute and beautiful. I helped her with the rolling, she assembled the quilling and decorated the card. I think I've seen a similar lion design on the Web, but don't remember where.

And this one is a creation by another family member — my husband. He not only respects my passion to quilling, but wanted to try himself. He said he had a wonderful teacher :) As far as I understand, he liked quilling very much, but has very little time for it. As for me, I'm very pleased with his greeting card :)

Flower, qilling


Ana Baird said…
Wow! They're gorgeous!
Juhi said…
both the cards are lovely, the one made by your husband is so refreshing, I love the colors and the simplicity.....
Inna D. said…
Thank you, Juhi :)

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