July 14, 2009

Book: Twirled Paper

Twirled Paper: Make Almost Anything With Simple Paper Strips (Klutz) is my second favorite book on paper quilling. I love and highly recommend it.

Although the book is intended mainly for kids, it contains a lot of useful and interesting stuff for a quiller of any age and level. It introduces you to the craft in a very clear and friendly way, and gives you many precious tips you can hardly find elsewhere. The illustrations are excellent and easy to understand. The book is printed on heavy paper and is spiral-bound, which makes it very convenient to use — you can just flip a page over and look at it while working on your project, without the need to hold the book with your hand.

This great book has to offer many original ideas, extremely detailed tutorials and wonderful examples. The text is written in a humorous manner, and this helps very much at those moments, when something is going wrong and you're about to give up your attempts :)

If that's not enough, the book comes with almost everything you need to start rolling paper: a slotted quilling tool, white glue in a small bottle with fine tip, a package of small wiggly eyes and paper strips in 28 different colors.

I say it again: this book is fun and one of my best buys.


БабочкаЯночка said...

Инна, здравствуйте. Без вашего блога грустно стало. Вот сюда к вам прихожу, да "голоса" вашего не слышу, к сожалению. Не знаю что вы про эту книжку написали, но она уже давно в интернете выложена в виде веб-альбома.

Inna D. said...

Яна, спасибо что зашли, у меня сейчас почти нет времени на интернет. Книга эта у меня есть дома. Я написала о ней обзор, личные впечатления и рекомендации, т.к. она мне очень нравится.