September 4, 2009

Book: Nature Printing

Book Nature Printing. Cover

The book "Nature Printing" is not about paper filigree :) This is a wonderful art & craft book and kids' crafts book, though, and I'd like to share with you my impressions of it.

Book Nature Printing. Onionskin-dyed eggs

I like this book very much, although haven't tried yet many of the projects it shows. Turns out that there are a lot of methods of printing (and sometimes "imprinting") of natural objects: flowers, leaves, shells, vegetables and even fish! This book shows you a variety of techniques for nature printing with the help of sample projects, 26 in total! Most of them can be done with children. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for each project and tips to help you with especially tricky steps.

Book Nature Printing. Bleach-printed pillowcase

The book is made up of five chapters, four of them dedicated to seasons of the year, and a general one. The latter deals with using the printing techniques you've learned to decorate objects, greeting cards, etc. Much attention is paid to love to nature and environment protection, and this is so important!

Besides its content, I like also the engaging design of "Nature Printing". Beautiful and clear illustrations, a list of required tools and materials for each project, numbered steps and only relevant information (which also matters). I must say that the photos in this book are so good, that I often don't read the text :) To sum up, if you like nature crafts, and especially if you have children — this book is for you.

By the way, ideas from this book have been used for our pizza with printed vegetables and mushrooms and Rosh Hashanah greeting card with apple print.

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