October 26, 2009

Pattern: Quilled bat for Halloween crafts

Quilled bat

I've decided to write the instructions for quilling a bat in a separate post. I have also added a diagram to make it clear.

This bat has been used in the Witch and wizard paper craft project, it can be also easily mounted on a greeting card or used for decoration. Its body is a teardrop made from an eccentric coil. The wings have been made using husking. You can find the details below:

Quilling bat pattern

Yellow dots with numbers designate pins that you should push into your cork-board (or similar) to do the husking. The numbers indicate the order of making the loops, the green arrows show their direction. Although the arrows are shown only for one wing, the instructions for the second wing are exactly the same. After the two wings are ready, take a long strip around them — red arrows on the diagram.

For this project, 1/8'' paper strips were hand-colored with a metallic gold marker.

Looking for more bat decorating ideas? Then have a look also at the bat cake I made.


Ann Martin said...

Very nice (and scary)! Great diagram too.

Amanda said...

Wow very intricate, love it!

Inna D. said...

Ann, Amanda, thank you! I really appreciate your kind comments.

irgri said...

великолепно.. браво!