Sacred lotus seedpod, clay sculpture

Lotus seedpod painted clay sculpture

Here are my excuses for not blogging as often as usual: I've been taking art classes! This clay sculpture is one of my first projects. It's a dried seedpod of the sacred lotus.

Lotus seedpod clay sculpture, details

The students had to choose a three-dimensional object and mimic it in a clay sculpture, using a slab of clay of about 3 kg (6.7 lb) in weight. The sculpture must then be painted, to look as though it was made of another material. I tried to paint it marble, but didn't seem to succeed :(

Dried sacred lotus seedpod Lotus seedpod styrofoam sculpture

The final assignment was to create a similar sculpture using a different material. I've chosen styrofoam for this one.


Ann Martin said…
I'm impressed, Inna! The seedpod looks real - so well done - and the styrofoam model was a great idea too.
Anonymous said…
This is a very beautiful work, as all your creations. I made my first steps in quilling with your help this year. Thank you for your inspirational work and best wishes for the festive season!
Nena3110 said…
I like everything I sow here, I enjoy enytime I visiting!
Dwita said…
Syrofoam!! Oh, Inna, so well-done..
Inna D. said…
Nena, Dwita thank you!
Anonymous said…
how can also do something like this>?
Inna D. said…
Well, it's hard to explain. I think you should take some sculpture classes to start with, just like I did before creating this.
Anonymous said…
Inna, do you sell these?
Inna D. said…
I've already given it away. It was too heavy to ship anyway.

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