January 14, 2010

Video: An interview with Pat Caputo

Almost one year ago I've "met" Patricia Caputo — a wonderful person and talented quiller, the founder of North American Quilling Guild, and the owner of Whimsiquills. If that's not enough, Pat is also a blogger. On her blog called Quilling with Whimsiquills you can read her fascinating personal story, find useful information about quilling, meet quilling artists, and look at the craft of quilling from some unusual points of view.

The Art of Quilling

Unfortunately, my acquaintance with Pat is only virtual, but I don't give up the hope that one day I'll meet her in person :) In the meanwhile, I'm having the chance to enjoy this interview with Pat, taken by Linda at Gratitude Rising (here's the original post). Many thanks to Linda for sharing this great video, a true gift to the quilling community!


Get Real 4 Health! said...

Inna, thank you so much for the post on Pat's video. That's such a nice thing you did. I've been going through your blog and admiring your work. It's beautiful! I LOVE the Israel flowers and your Happy New Year card, it's adorable! Your work is so creative and I'm thankful that I've been introduced to it and to you!! Thank you again xo Linda

Inna D. said...

Thank you so much, Linda! Really appreciate it!