August 27, 2011

Book: Papercraft 2 - Design and Art with Paper

Papercraft 2 - Design and Art with Paper (cover)

Although my birthday will be only in two weeks, I've already received a birthday present. It was Papercraft 2: Design and Art With Paper. I was so impressed with this book that immediately wanted to share my impressions and information with you, my readers.

In two words — it's a great book for paper art lovers. This is a large format, hardcover edition, one of those books that feel wonderfully and are so nice even to touch. On its 256 pages with beautiful illustrations the book features work of famous paper artists and designers, such as

Papercraft 2 - Design and Art with Paper (p43-42)

Actually, this book almost entirely consists of images, with little text (just a short description of each featured artwork). The variety of materials and techniques includes colored paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard boxes, tissue paper, toilet rolls, brown paper bags, paper quilling, paper cutting, torn paper, etc.

Papercraft 2 - Design and Art with Paper (p242-243)

If you still aren't impressed and aren't running to order the book, I'll add that it also has a DVD included (watch a teaser). The disk presents paper-art based short movies (stop motion animation, commercials, music videos, environmental awareness short films, etc.), screenshots of which can be seen inside the book.

I'm very happy with this excellent collection of images of paper art pieces, and highly recommend it as a true source of inspiration.


Neli Quilling said...

Инна,благодаря ,че споделяш страхотния си подарък с нас!В него намирам много неща и техните автори,които ми е интиресно да видя.Прекрасно!

Aarthi@Paperandme said...

So soon we r going to see some new forms of work from u here..

Inna D. said...

@Neli, you are welcome!
@WannabeWriter, maybe, some day :)

Kavya N said...

This may be your fav bday present!! I would love to have one!!
(Fantasies of Quilling & more...)