"Love Quilling" Donating to Japan

Love quilling? Want to help Japan to recover from the 2011 earthquake? Then the charity activity called "Love Quilling" is for you. All you need to do is make little quilled flowers, as many as you can, and send them to Japan. For details please contact Motoko Nakatani on Facebook.

Quilled flowers for "Love Quilling" are collected from all over the globe, and then are used to create cards approximately the size of a business card. This activity is not something new and started after the terrible earthquake on Haiti to raise money for charity.

What you see here is my small contribution to "Love Quilling". As I'm writing these lines, my flowers are on their way to Japan.


DollySelvam said…
hi..!! being one among the follower... i got this information regarding quilled flower donation... like to take part... can you provide me some more information pls...and the way to send it..it will be of great help...!!!i wish to link back to this post from my blog...:)
WhiteRacoon said…
здОрово! и полезно..
Инна, я б тоже информацию попросила, а то этой Мотоко написала - она молчит, ничего не говорит =( а мы тут с рядом рукодельниц задумались было..
Inna D. said…
#DollySelvam - please contact Motoko Nakatani
#WhiteRacoon - Написала тебе личку.
SUSAN said…
so great activity....


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