Totoro Easter egg. Quilling

It's the end of March now, and with Easter around the corner — just the right time to begin making Easter eggs. Have you heard about a lost and found Faberge egg that was almost sold for scrap, by the way? Amazing story.

As for me, I have already created my first quilled egg for this year. It is not just decorated with quilling, but is made of quilling shapes and embodies a character. Yes, you are right, it's Totoro. You might have noticed that I and my family love this cute wood spirit from the anime film "My Neighbor Totoro". I even made a fluffy quilled Totoro toy in the past.

Given my addiction to Easter eggs, I couldn't resist the temptation to make a Totoro egg, too :) For this project, I used black, grey and white paper strips 1/16 of an inch in width (1.5 mm), and a quilling technique called "beehive". I find that such a narrow strips suit this sort of quilling better than regular 1/8" ones (3 mm). Height of my Totoro excluding the ears is about 2 1/2 inches (6.5 cm), which is the size of a chicken egg. The pointy ears measure another half of an inch (approximately 1 cm). The egg is hollow, like my other Easter eggs, some of which can be seen in the blog posts Quilled Easter egg and Quilled Easter egg with a surprise.


Paper Zen said…
He's the sweetest thing Inna! I have loved watching Totoro with my nephews numerous times. Love how the oval is just the perfect shape for his belly!

What if you gave him his little friends in a tiny fringed version?
Pily Nuñez said…
Lovely Design! I love Totoro!
Cristina said…
So cute !! beautiful work Inna! I love it!!! <3
Eliza Art said…
as usual, beautifully, greet and invite to my blog
cridiana said…
Oh! It is so cute! Nice idea with Totoro like an Easter egg.
Atelier Iwony said…
absolutely amazing! I love Totoro and yours is perfectly done! congrats :)

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