Birdcage Easter Egg - Quilling

This year's last Easter egg is a birdcage. It is delicate, airy, intricate, and at the same time easy to make. This egg may look simple compared to the Emperor penguin or the super-complex egg with a surprise, but I like it no less than the others.

After creating the Totoro Easter egg, I began thinking of Easter eggs ideas, and now have enough of them for years to come, I believe. Although a birdcage was at the end of the list, it was among the first ones finished. The cage can be hung with the ring attached to its top or stand freely on its five legs, which is the way I prefer it. And there is a tiny yellow canary inside!

For my Easter eggs I use 1/16"-wide paper strips (1.5 mm), and this one isn't an exception. It is the size of a chicken egg.

Happy holidays!


Pritesh Dagur said…
This is SO delicate and pretty Inna :) Absolutely lovely :)
Maria Rose said…
This is super cute Inna :)
Unknown said…
Its just beautiful..The one I liked the best
Sathya said…
Simply superb, Inna...Very delicate!!
Eliza Art said…
Beautiful, thank you for visiting my blog, Happy Easter to you and your family!
Wow, this is truly beautiful! What a great idea to make it like a birdcage. I can't imagine how long it would take to build and shape this thing.
Инна,с праздником Светлой Пасхи!
Cristina said…
waaw, this is so beautiful Inna!!! I love it!!! lovely color and the work is delicate like a lace!! wonderful!! <3
Инна, очень красиво и нежно! Давно я у Вас в гостях не была, пойду, погощу:)))
Baukje said…
I love you beautiful work!
beautiful colors
Greetings from Holland
Emilie said…
Vous réalisez des objets extraordinaires ! Vraiment ! C'est très beau, très délicat, vous avez des doigts de fée... (approximate traduction : you make wonderful things ! really ! It's very beautiful, very delicate, you're a fairy...)
Nansouza said…
Your work is amazing - do you have tutorials for the bird cage egg?

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