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My name is Inna Dorman. I'm an engineer by profession, although now stay at home with my three kids. We live in Israel and love doing crafts. I try to take advantage of our creative activities for developing and educating my children, although having fun is the main goal. In 2008 I've fallen in love with paper quilling (or paper filigree). Now I'm an addicted self-taught quiller, and spend doing it a great deal of my spare time. Gradually my blog has become devoted mostly to this art. I don't have an art background and use the Web and books as sources of inspiration, although most of the ideas and designs are original, mine or my children's. In addition to crafts, I love nature, hiking, cooking, animals, and my family in the first place.

Many of the pieces you can see here I made together with my kids — even for technically complex projects there are always things that even small children can do. For example, they enjoy tearing pieces of paper, dipping and gluing them when making a papier-mache project. We give away the pieces we make to friends and family, some of them remain in house, while others just get worn out and thrown away.

That's all for now, but I'm not saying good bye, hope you'll be back. You are always welcome to drop me a comment or email, I will be very pleased. My email: inna dot creations, gmail. If you're interested in doing business with me, please contact me at this email address.

Happy crafting!

P.S. I'm aware that my English is far from perfect. Very often I have a hard time trying to explain myself. Please feel free to correct me or ask for clarifications either in a comment or via email.