August 18, 2008

Kids' collage with symmetrical silhouettes

Street cats

Cutting out symmetrical silhouettes looks to me like a magic. You fold a piece of paper, cut something that looks like nothing, open it and...

get a human figure, a house or even a scene with many elements.


We tried different variations of this technique, and found out that there are plenty of them. Plain silhouettes, like these house and mushroom.


And mutli figure compositions of several symmetrical elements, like the Teddy Bear with a birthday cake and the dragonfly with a flower.

Teddy Bear's Birthday Dragonfly

And also funny figures, like the man in a hat and the penguin.

Man and penguin

And a multi-layer collage, like the very first image with cats and mice.

We also tried combining cut-outs with monotyping (for the background), and got this castle as a result.

Castle on the hill

The list of possible subjects is endless: snowmen and trees, flowers and butterflies, animals, airplanes and even a skull and bones for the Jolly Roger (the pirate flag).

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