September 23, 2008

Lady in blue, 3D quilling doll

3D Quilling. Lady in blue.

About a week ago I received the book Three-Dimensional Quilling: Making Characters from Amazon. And couldn't help making my first doll. Nothing special, exactly by the book.

For the dress I used hand-coloured with sparkling watercolour paper. The skirt requires three strips 1 cm wide, the top — two strips, the sleeves — one strip 0.5 cm wide for each sleeve. The rest is made of regular 3 mm strips I cut myself. The hair is made of narrow strips cut along in three, after gluing. That is, you get three hairs 1 mm wide out of a 3 mm strip. And finally, used fibre-tip pens to draw the facial features.


Sudha said...

Beautiful work dear.


Inna D. said...

Thank you, Sudha!