October 17, 2008

Almost 100: crawling baby quilled

Crawling baby. Quilling

There are almost 100 posts in my blog, and I thought it's time for it to have its own "face". 5 pages of sketches, about 80 photos and a couple of Photoshop files — and here you go. It's far from perfect, but unfortunately I don't know how to get exactly what I wanted :( Making the quilled part of the header — the crawling baby — turned out to be the easiest task. I made a pencil sketch, rolled the elements, glued them together and secured them in place until the glue is dry. I put an old mouse pad underneath to stick the pins into. I had also to put a piece of cardboard under the baby's arm to support it.

We also finished a cute paper-mache toy. I'll show it in a next post in a few days, along with the instructions :)


Elli said...

Congratulations-100 posts!
Nice work,I like your blog!!!!

Inna D. said...

Thanks, Elli :)

Anonymous said...

how do I get the instructions to this as i cant find them :(

Inna D. said...

You can't find them because they don't exist. Sorry, but you can't expect me to explain everything I do, for free. This artwork, like many others, may be used for inspiration though.