December 4, 2008

Cardboard Hanukiah kids craft


Our preparations for Hanukkah are in full swing. Here's another idea for Hanukkah Menorah, this time from cardboard, paper and toilet paper rolls.

For its base I cut out a strip of thick cardboard and wrapped it in a piece of pretty wrapping paper. Then I glued a small cardboard square, also wrapped in paper, into the middle for the shamash. I used Ferrero Rocher sweets wrappers for the candle holders :) The candles are made out of toilet paper tubes. I cut the tubes lengthwise, rolled tighter and stapled them to make them thinner, attached the candles to the base.

You can make such a Hanukiah almost in no time, if you engage all of your family members. My children helped me cutting, gluing and painting and we had ours finished in just half an hour :)

Check out also this version. You might like it better. It uses toilet paper tubes and aluminium muffin cups.

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