December 19, 2008

Hickory Dickory Dock cake

Clock children's cake

This is another cake from my archive. I found the idea for this cake in Quick & Easy Party Cakes for Kids: Over 130 Delicious Recipes, although my way of making it is different.

You will need two round sponge cakes, chocolate and vanilla cream, food colourings. Use one whole sponge cake for the clock face, and cut a "house" out of the second one to make the part with the pendulum (see the photo). Coat the face and the window of the pendulum with vanilla cream, and the rest of the cake with chocolate cream. Use a decorating syringe or a similar tool to edge the face and the window, and also to write the numbers. Now colour a small amount of the vanilla cream with food colourings to get yellow, blue and pink tints. Use pieces of sponge cake left after making the bottom part of the cake: cut two eyes and colour them blue (you've prepared some blue vanilla cream), place them on top of the clock face. Mark the pupils and eyebrows with chocolate cream. Now cut a small circle, colour it pink and put in the centre of the face, also make a pink mouth and two yellow clock hands. Then make parts of the pendulum, colour them yellow and arrange in the window. To make the mouse cut its body and ears, colour them pink and attach the ears to the body. Draw a pink tail, then use chocolate cream to mark tiny eyes and nose. Bon Appetit :)

Clock cake diagram

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