June 2, 2009

House birthday cake

House cake

We are celebrating my daughter's birthday at the beginning of June in about a week from now. This year she has chosen a house cake. Since in the day care there are too many kids who have their birthdays in June, she had to bring the cake before the actual date. And here it is, our birthday cake!

I made it from two round sponge cakes.

House cake, arrangement

Cut them and arranged the parts to create a small cottage. You can see it in the picture. Used the trimmings for the roof and chimney.

House cake, detail

Then arranged the pieces on a tray and coated them with vanilla cream, made tiles for the roof from slices of dried papaya, and yellow bricks from dried pineapple. A chocolate bar for the door. The digit 6 is also cut out of dried papaya.

ТHouse cake, detail

The windows are decorated with chocolate chips and colored cream. The flowers were made with the help of a drinking straw: I used it to cut small circles out of dried papaya and pineapple.


Ann Martin said...

What a good idea! You're a really good mom. :-)

Azura said...

Oh, so cute! I'm sure your daughter has enjoyed the cake. :P

Inna D. said...

Ann, Azura, thank you very much!

Sara said...

Inna, This is just too cute! never seen anything like it— I love the mosaic like quality. You are really so talented! Check out some of my cute bear cakes where I use paper decorations around the cake to make it that much cuter. http://www.creativejewishmom.com

Inna D. said...

Thanks for the compliments, Sara!

Anonymous said...

Inna, could you please share the recipe for the cream and sponge cake?

Inna D. said...

I bought ready-made cream and sponge cakes and decorated them, so can't help you with the recipes, sorry. I would suggest you to try searching the Web - there are lots of excellent cooking resources out there, I'm sure you can find something to your liking.