Turquoise clay hamsa with a template

Paper quilling isn't my only passion. I also like making Hamsa wall hangings (Chamsa, Chamsah). Here's a brand new one. I wrote about making these decorations in a number of posts, for example here is a short tutorial.

The modeling of this hamsa (that is without firing and painting) took me three hours, which I consider quite a lot for this kind of artwork. I decorated it with beads and pearl paint. It's approximately 6 3/4'' (17cm) long.

I'm attaching here a template you can use to create a similar hamsa in case you decide to give it a try. The image is large enough so that you can scale it when printing.


Mitu said…
Nice work.
Can you please share the procedure also .

Inna D. said…
Thanks, Mitu. I mentioned the tutorial in the post. Please look here: Glitter hamsa.
L'As said…
Bonjour Inna et merci de ta visite; je vois que tu es fan de hamsa aussi.Je vais te mettre dans mes liens car j'aime ton blog.
A bientôt L'As
Hello Inna, I try to write in english.
Thank you for coming in my blog; you like hamsa too; I'm going to put your linke on my blog; do you understand?
write me soon L'As Créations
Inna D. said…
Thank you! I like your creations very much!
David Weitzman said…
I was browsing for some idea for Hamsa Jewelry and found this.
Inna D. said…
Thank you, David.
Anonymous said…
These are so beautiful! You are very gifted and I absolutely love hamsas.

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