September 29, 2009

Video: An Introduction to Quilling

This is the best video about paper quilling I've found so far. It's been in my favorite links section for a long time, and I thought I'd put it on the blog, too. You might also like other video tutorials in their YouTube channel. Enjoy!


Nile e Richard said...

Olá amiga.
Vim te fazer uma visitinha.
Adorei o seu blog com todos estes lindos trabalhos.
O video está formidável.

Inna D. said...

Thank you!

Алима said...

С видео стало намного яснее, а то я до сих пор пока наблюдаю, теперь можно и попробовать, спасибо!

Inna D. said...

Пожалуйста :)

Unknown said...

please recommend the best book for a beginner. i am really so fascinated by your designs that i wanna try it on mah own.recommend any one coz i just can buy one book right now..

1.Practical Quilling by Anne Redman

2.Quilling: Techniques And Inspiration by Jane Jenkins

3.Art Of Paper Quilling: Designing Handcrafted Gifts And Cards by Claire Sun-ok Choi

4.The Craft Of Quilling by Janet Wilson

5.The Book Of Paper Quilling: Techniques & Projects For Paper Filigree by Malinda Johnston

6.Thrilling Quilling: The Ultimate Quiller's Sourcebook by Elizabeth Moad

Inna D. said...

Nitika, I’m familiar with only two books out of the six you’ve listed. I like #2 very much and highly recommend it, I even reviewed it here,
#3 is good, but more of a "nice to have", I like it mostly for tips and inspiration.