October 30, 2009

Book: Paper Crafts Workshop

Paper Crafts Workshop. Cover

Today I'm sharing a short review of the wonderful "Paper Crafts Workshop: A Beginner's Guide to Techniques & Projects". Writing about it is particularly pleasant, because from this book I've learned about paper quilling for the first time.

The book introduces you to a variety of paper craft techniques: collage, quilling (paper filigree), paper tole, washi chigiri-e and kiri-e (paper cutting). At the beginning of each chapter there's a brief section to tell you about a technique in general. It's followed by a detailed description, and then a list of required tools and materials. You learn how to use a particular technique by doing a sample project: for each technique the book offers a number of projects with step-by-step instructions. A suitable project can be found for almost any taste or level of difficulty. Simple projects include making greeting cards, album decoration, creating decorative wall panels, etc., while more advanced ones teach you to decorate plates, lamp shades and even make jewelry. If you're looking for tips and tricks, you'll find those for the crafts included in the book.

Paper Crafts Workshop. Collage

Photos in the book are of a very high quality both from aesthetic and illustrative points of view (you know I like this). The instructions are easy to follow.

"Paper Crafts Workshop" offers a very descent chapter on quilling: tools, basic shapes, fringed and swirl (spiral) flowers, and of course beautiful projects to do.

This book is a great reference and source of inspiration for beginner, intermediate and advanced crafters. Actually, I don't think the "Beginner's" in its subtitle is appropriate. Said that, I would especially recommend it for beginners and those who want to try out different techniques to find the one they enjoy most. I'll just add that Marie Browning is the author of lots of excellent craft books.

Paper Crafts Workshop. Chigiri-e

I think I have a pretty nice selection of craft books in English, but unfortunately no time to review all of them. Please check out my Amazon favorites to see what I like and recommend (there's also a link in the sidebar). Drop me a comment if you like a particular book to be written about. Note, that I don't sell those products and don't get them free of charge for advertising. I do earn a small referral fee, though, but only if you buy a product after clicking its link on my blog.


Unknown said...

where do we get the books, nice works

Inna D. said...

Maneesha, at the end of the post the is a link (with picture) "bye from amazon.com" click on it.