Quilled family of mice

Quilled mice, front view

A new baby was born to the family of mice-lovers, our friends I already made a 3D quilled mouse for. First I wanted to quill a traditional baby carriage or cradle for them on this special occasion, but on second thought found a better idea — a family of mice with a newborn baby mouse. Look how this loving couple have their tails interwoven and how tenderly they are holding their baby :) The father looks so proud!

Quilled mice, back view

The heads and bodies of the adult mice are made of approx. 3/16"-wide paper strips (4mm), their ears and legs — of 1/8" and 1/16"-wide strips respectively (3mm and 1.5mm). For the baby's body I used 1/8"-wide strips (3mm), and 1/16"-wide strips (1.5mm) for his head and ears. As you can see, I decided not to make whiskers. The tails are made of narrow 1/16"-wide strips (1.5mm) using the quilling shape called spirals or tendrils (see my video tutorial), according to the NAQG Official Shape Chart [PDF].

Quilled mice, side view

This quilled miniature is quite small: size of the father-mouse is a bit short of 2 inches (5cm), size of the mother is about 1 11/16 inches (43mm).


Aurum said…
Инна, как обычно просто потрясающе! какие милые мышки, очаровательная семейка =)
Sudha said…
Beautiful work dear.
Angel Olenka said…
Симпатишные мышки!
How adorable! The baby looks so very cute. So much feminine grace on the mother's face.
Philippa said…
These are just adorable, Inna!
Susan said…
Do you know somewhere I can learn how to do the 3D quilling? I have been trying it but it's just not coming out right!

These are wonderful creations!
Мышиная семья просто загляденье!!! Соска у ребенка классная, как и сам малыш!
Прикольные мышки! Особенно самая маленькая!
Семейство мышиных - необыкновенное!!!
Charlotte said…
So cute! I love the little pacifier in the baby's mouth. Great job -- thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Nagela said…

What a beautiful family!
The detail of the baby was masterful!
I loved!
Liza Arie said…
Инн, умереть не встать! Просто очаровательные мышки - произведение искусства!
Ann Martin said…
Just adorable! I love the tiny details you included... the heart-shaped mouth on the mom, the bow around the baby, the dad's ummm, foot, on the mom's shoulder. :-)
Rachelle said…
This is SUCH a cute little family! I once thought of quilling a 3D mouse...but I only barely started it once! 3D quilling is the best :D.

Susan, if you want to know more about 3D quilling, just buy this book, there's clear instructions in it, pictures, and 5 projects with step by step pictures: http://www.amazon.com/Three-Dimensional-Quilling-Making-Characters/dp/1844482049
Anonymous said…
Although not a big fan of mice(!) I love your work and your story. You sound so sweet. And your details show so much sensitivity. You are delightful and your work is too!
Татьяна said…
Ой, ну да чего милые мышки! Им теперь колясочка понадобится :)
Unknown said…
Absolutely adorable. I love how you managed to make the dad look so caring of his "wife". Great job! Thanks for sharing!
Inna D. said…
Thank you all very much! I'm so pleased that you've noticed the tiny funny details I added to this piece!

Rachelle is absolutely right, this book is of great help to everybody learning 3D quilling. You may also want to check my 3D lion tutorial at http://increations.blogspot.com/2010/01/lion-3d-quilling-project-with.html, it contains some basics and tips. Good luck!
Инна, потрясающее мышиное семейство!!! Ребетёнок классный! Отличная работа!
lagoon said…
Просто шедевральные мышки:))
שלומית said…
אינה, טוב אחרי כל המחמאות שקיבלת כאן, מה נותר להוסיף???
רק שחיממת לנו את הלב, וברור שזו מזכרת מיוחדת שתמשיך איתנועוד הרבה מאוד שנים.
באהבה ארקדי, שלומית ואורי
Инночка , здравствуйте! Бесподобное мышиное семейство!
Satya said…
hi inna,

I am not a crafts person but after seeing ur quill artwork i am simply bowled over and insprired to try...thank you so much for sharing ur lovely creations n appropriate tutorials...if u get time do visit my blog

Inna D. said…
Огромное всем спасибо!

Thank you, Satya!

תודה, שלומית! אני שמחה, שאהבתם את המתנה הקטנה שלנו. רציתי לעשות משהו מיוחד :)
Isha Shiri said…
wow! Cut cut!

Inna D. said…
@Baukje, Isha Shiri
Thank you both very much!

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