Quilled Mezuzah case

Quilled Mezuzah case

Today we celebrate the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, so I wanted to show a new Judaic item I've created. It's something completely different this time — a quilled Mezuzah case.

Quilled Mezuzah case, detail

A mezuzah (Hebrew: מְזוּזָה‎) is a piece of parchment inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah. Such a piece is put in a decorative case and mounted on a doorjamb/doorpost. Designing and producing Mezuzah cases has become an art form. An endless variety of materials are used for Mezuzot, although I think mine is the first one made of rolled paper.

Quilled Mezuzah case, back

The bottom part (the base) of my case is made of paper strips 1/8"-wide (3mm), while for the case itself I used 1/16"-wide strips (1.5mm). The case bears the letter "Shin" on its front, which is made of quilling paper strips with a gilded edge. The case is hard enough to be used for its purpose, indoors however. Its size is about 6 inches (15.3 cm).

Quilled Mezuzah case, front view

חג שבועות שמח!


Manasa said…
Wow...this is soo so gorgeous...love the intricate work ! Its really a piece of art !
Crafterkhush said…
wow.. this is sensational....
Unknown said…
wow! this is amazing!!!! i don't think i have that patient to make this. love it! :D
ManuK said…
Beautiful, Inna! So many details, looks like a wooden sculpture. Nice to see new creations from you, good to have you back :)
WhiteRacoon said…
Очень красиво, оригинально, аккуратно и необычно. Здорово!
Very nice.
Gorgeous, wouldnt know it was paper, until you look really close,beautiful work!!!!
Anonymous said…
Amazing work Inna, congrats!
Linda B said…
It's beautiful. Too bad I don't have any more doorposts in my home.

Beautiful work. In every little piece of quilling observe the delicacy of his hand the paper to produce the various forms of art and create the Mezuzah.
Good holiday!
Pastila said…
Такая тонкая работа!
Baukje said…
beautiful mezuzah case a true art!
Greetings Baukje
Bronwyn said…
Beautiful piece!
This is amazing - especially with the colour you used. It looks like an ancient and delicate artifact!
Regina said…
It´s really a piece of art!!!
kiddo said…
This is amazing! Indeed a piece of art! It looks so fragile and beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for the comment. Your opinion means a lot to me. I follow your blog every day. Waiting for other opinions from you. I'll return with new works.
seri said…
wow,,it's beautiful. like a real case.
k@rin said…
my god, thats beautiful!

very nice work, congrats

amrita said…
Very beautiful..looks like carved wood.
Unknown said…
Wonderful work, truly! Happy Holiday!
Инночка, очень ажурно и тонкая работа!!!!!!!!
P.S. Перевела пост через гугл - " гофрированный медуз" - Quilled Mezuzah, обьясни коротко на русском, что это такая за "штучка"??, пожалуйста!!!!!! СПАСИБО)))))) КРАСИВО!!!!!!!!
Unknown said…
Инна, это невероятно!
Inna D. said…
Thank you all very much for your kind comments!

Девочки, спасибо большое за ваши теплые комментарии!
Лариса, написала вам мейл, да, "гофрированный медуз" - смешно получилось :)
Regina Folla said…
Sem comentários!
WoW!!! This is awesome. Very intricate work... How much time did you take to complete this.
Aarthi said…
hey.. nice to see to back.. i was beginning to wonder abt wat happened to you.. and as always u never stop to amaze me with ur work.. the piece is so cute.. i love the color.. neat work.. keep up the great work.. i wonder when i am going to start full fledged quilling.. hope to see u around regularly..
Katrin said…
Вот это да! Такая тонкая и кропотливая работа! Невероятно красиво!!!
GreenEarth said…
Wow, the intricate work is just fabulous. Quilling does teach a lot of patience!
Neha Jain said…
ohh my goodnessss
Inna D. said…
Thanks everyone very much!

@Sarika Chowdhery Sharma,
it took about a week.
Creative ideas. i like it, thanks

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