Room thermometers with paper quilling

Dear readers! First off, I would like to thank you for all those emails of appreciation and encouragement I receive from you, as well as your comments on this blog. I read them all, without exception. And I value them a lot! Unfortunately, I not always have time to reply, so I want to apologize, too.

Now it's time to keep my promise (see Thermometers decorated with quilling) and show you two other thermometers.

One of the thermometers was intended for an old gentleman, and therefore its decoration posed quite a challenge to me. After having some hard time I eventually came up with a few ideas that seemed suitable for a man, and chose one of them — a clock tower. As usual, I browsed through tons of photographs of clock towers, made a sketch and set to work.

The paper strips were copper-metallic this time, since this color matches the interior of the recipient's apartment. For the clock face I used ivory quilling strips. Final length of this thermometer is about 12 inches (30.5 cm).

You won't really expect any emotional response from an old gentleman, but I think he likes his present.

The other thermometer, as you have already guessed, was made for a child. First I was going to decorate it with characters of a popular story or fairy-tale, but then decided to create something different and made this thermometer-oak tree with its inhabitants.

For this project I used quilling strips of different colors, 1/8" wide (3 mm). The grass and foliage are made of three shades of green, for instance. The trunk, branch, acorns and owl — of three shades of brown. Size of this one is about 10.5 x 6 inches (27 x 15 cm).

Family of the little girl I decorated this thermometer for was very happy with it. I'm pleased with my work, too. And now it's time to say Good bye, because I have to put everything aside and start working on new thermometer "orders" that keep coming in :)


Amanda said…
I love these! Such a creative idea and so well executed. Absolutely beautiful!
Konfeta said…
Sathya said…
WOWWWWWW!!!! I love the designs and the detailing, Inna...U never cease to amaze me with your utmost detailing for each and every part of your quilling!!!!!
Philippa said…
I love these, Inna - what a fantastic idea!!
WhiteRacoon said…
Какие чудесные термометры! И часы, и дерево. Задумка оригинальная, а исполнение выше всяких похвал, так аккуратно, так ровно, так филигранно!
Кстати, не хочешь с птичками поучаствовать у нас в Хомячьем блоге в квиллинг-задании: ? =)
Инночка, и я то же приглашаю поучаствовать у нас в конкурсе!!!
дуб с совушкой и дятлом - ПОКОРИЛ)))
these are really awesome, what a neat idea!!!
Nati said…
very beautiful and creative idea!
aureliaeugenia said…
Your art is far too developed and these creations made everybody wonder if they are making by the hands of a human being! It's a magic in you!
I am glad to know and admire your works .
Best regards,
Unknown said…
EXQUISITE. I love these pieces. Your work is a treat to watch.
ManuK said…
Oh, Inna, how admire your creativity and talent! Both thermometers are so beautiful and neatly executed, I can't even decide which one I like more.

Lakshmi Damodar said…
Very unique and innovative. What a creative thought to decorate a thermometer
[Kasia] said…
A m a z i n g work!
MEGHA said…
awesome ...just awesome...
Yasmin said…
Inna, you are an inspiration. Beautiful work on both thermometers. Very creative thought and so well executed!
SUSAN said…
wow...fantastic...:) love it

Inna D. said…
Thank you very much my dear readers!
Theepz said…
Hi Inna.... Inspired by u, my friend have done cute dining set in quilling... I have posted the same on my blog.

Check it if u find time
Theepz said…
Hi Inna.... Inspired by u, my friend have done cute dining set in quilling... I have posted the same on my blog.

Check it if u find time

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