Quilled ornaments inside a glass ball

November is a good time to start thinking Christmas. I'm living in Canada now, and my neighbors have already decorated their houses. I thought it would be nice to showcase some Christmas ornaments with quilling today.

I was very impressed by Charlotte's quilled snowflake captured inside a glass ornament, and had been dreaming to do something similar, so when I saw suitable glass balls in a store I bought them immediately. By that time I already had a clear idea of what I wanted to put inside. I measured the diameter of my glass ball ornaments and drew circles of the same diameter on a paper sheet. Then I sketched various quilling designs like snowflakes, red birds, angels, bells, etc. inside the circles. At the same time I was trying to figure out how to assemble a design neatly inside a glass ball. I should say it posed a little challenge to me, but I eventually did it! You can see the result now, and I hope you like it. My personal favorite is the angel. I also enjoyed making the cardinal bird (I already created one in the past as part of the greeting card with a cardinal bird ornament for my Etsy shop).

The glass ornaments are about 2 5/8 inch (6.6 cm) in diameter. I used crystal glitter (diamond dust) to imitate snow, but fake snow can be used as well. If you need glass balls for Christmas ornaments like these, they can be found at a craft store like Michaels or even at Walmart.


SD pooja said…
They are awesome !
Judiie said…
That is sooooo pretty and such a great idea! I love your blog!!
Very cute and quilling, perfect!
Be very happy in their new home!
WhiteRacoon said…
ух ты, Канада?! с переездом :-) приятных соседей и доброй погоды!!!
шарики восхитительны! очень трогательные и любопытные! это как кораблик в бутылке: чудо! и можно долго рассматривать со всех сторон, медитируя на тему "Как же он туда попал?!" =)
Ann Martin said…
So cute! I didn't realize you have an Etsy shop, Inna. Lovely work.
Paper Zen said…
Very pretty Inna! They entice you to look closer. A huge welcome to Canada!
Dev said…
Amazing as usual ... taking it to the next level
Unknown said…
Wow these are fabulous! You are a very clever lady! Beautiful x
Unknown said…
unbelievable!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!how neatly it is done!!!
Unknown said…
unbelievable!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!how neatly it is done!!!
Sathya said…
Awesome as always, Inna :)
Инночка, Вы волшебница!!!!
Восхищаюсь Вашим талантом!!!!
kiddo said…
Wonderful ornaments and the quilling is perfect! You always find ways to amaze us.
Dewquills said…
So pretty!!! i was inspired!!!!
I love the way yours turned out! It's fun to figure out how to quill something and put it together inside such a tiny opening. I was inspired by Charlotte Canup. I hope you will look at some of mine that I have made at http://www.pinterest.com/jenster1171/things-i-ve-made/
Ananda said…
These sure are cute! Would love to see more of these :)

Theepz said…
Lovely Post!
Thanks for the brilliant work!

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