Quilled Geisha - Japanese paper doll

Hello my dear readers!

I haven't been writing to this blog for a long time, but I still do quilling and have creations to show. Today it will be a paper doll made out of original Japanese washi paper and quilling strips.

My friend and a fellow quiller Yulia loves the Japanese-themed dolls I made earlier, like the doll with a shamisen, and the doll with a cat. Yulia asked me to make a doll for her. I knew I should do something special. As always, before starting to quill I did a thourough research, seeing a lot of Japanese dolls on the Internet.

Yulia suggested that I used original Japanese washi paper and sent me a few sheets of it. I had never worked with such kind of paper before, so I was very worried I would waste it. Out of the selection Yulia had sent me, I picked a sheet with a red pattern and cut it into strips to make the kimono — the body and sleeves, using the 3D quilling technique. For the obi sash I used washi with a blue pattern in order to create a contrast between it and the red kimono.

The head was made using the traditional 3D quilling techniques. However, I wanted to make the hairstyle more life-like, close to what you could see on a real geisha — not the simplified look the other dolls have. It turned out a bit of a challenge, so I had to work hard on that one. First I tried to make the hair out of black crepe paper, but high-quality crepe parer was hard to come by. Then, after lots of trial and error and a long search in the library and on the Web, I finally found instructions on how to make hairstyle using a sheet of black construction paper. I was very happy with the results.

Yulia made a special request that the doll would be holding a fan. I made the fan out of red-patterned washi paper to match the kimono.

The kanzashi hair ornament and the hairpins were made out of washi paper and quilling strips.

The doll is 9.5 cm (3 3/4 in) tall.

Thanks for stopping by!


Unique said…
She is adorable)
Inna, such a delicate work! You are an amazing artist....!
Wow! This is so beautiful!
she is so beautiful, love it
Ann Martin said…
It's wonderful, Inna! And so nice to see a post from you in my inbox.
Lorrie said…
Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. I imagine she loves this beauty.
AgileEmpress said…
Absolutely fabulous. She is truly a work of art. The hair is incredibly well done and love your choice in colours.
My compliments to you (and your steady hand)!
Indu said…
Very pretty .... Amazing work thank you for sharing
Unknown said…
Very beautiful Inna... and so realistic... amazing work!
Sathya said…
Amazing as always...Great to see your post after long time, Inna :)
Diana Moriel said…
A lovely amazing work, I adore your doll!
Vineetha Basana said…
Happy to see your post after a long time! Loved the detailing on this work!!Absolutely beautiful!!

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Yone said…
Hi, Inna,
Gorgeous Quilled Gueixa ! Love it ! You and Yulia are great quillers !

Wow! This is so incredible work. I'm speechless!
Unknown said…
Hi, Inna,
I am happy to see your blog and all the lovely work. Thank you for sharing.

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