Poppies and dandelion. Framed quilling

It's November. The weather gets bitterly cold when the fall season, with its gold palette of colors, is turning into winter. But I want to bring you a piece of hot summer with its green leaves, red poppies, yellow dandelions and bumblebees.

This project had started as a tutorial on how to make a dandelion seed head, but later developed into an elaborate picture.

When the tutorial was finished, I had a few dandelion seed heads left and decided to use them for a colorful picture. I added some yellow dandelion flowers, but wasn't satisfied. So I put in red poppies to create contrast with the pale seed heads. Finally, I added two bumblebees and at this point the design felt complete.

If you remember, I already made a similar picture in the past, and explained how to make yellow dandelion flowers and poppies here.

Size of the picture is about 7" x 7" (17.5 x 17.5 cm) not including the frame.


Lorrie said…
Lovely Inna. Thank you for sharing. I love each flower. You are so talented.
Ayla said…
Es precioso, me encanta el conjunto de las amapolas con el diente de león :P. Uyyy que chiquito, me ha engañado la foto, jajaja, parecia mas grandote, jeje. Es un cuadrito muy manejable para cualquier riconcito con ese tamaño.
Amanda said…
Hi Inna, beautiful project, I love it very much and have shared it on my blog, you can check it here:


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