March 26, 2018

Northern Hawk Owl - Quilling Easter Egg

Easter is coming soon, and this year it is celebrated from Good Friday on March 30th, until Easter Monday on April 2nd - making Easter Sunday fall on April Fool's day. For this occasion, I would like to show you my new quilled Easter egg - a Northern Hawk Owl.

The northern hawk owl plumage is relatively dark brown with an off‑white spotting pattern on all dorsal parts of the body, with the exception of the back of the neck which boasts a black v‑shaped pattern. The underbelly is generally white or off‑white which continues to the toes with brown bands on the breast and stomach. The northern hawk owl also has a smokey white face with a black border, a flat head, yellow eyes and a yellow curved beak. When I saw pictures of this owl for the first time I immediately decided to make a quilled egg inspired by it.

For my Easter eggs I use 1/16"-wide paper strips (1.5 mm). The eggs are the size of a chicken egg and are hollow inside.

Some of the eggs that I made in previous years can be seen in the blog posts Quilled Easter egg, Quilled Easter egg with a surprise, Totoro Easter Egg, Penguin Easter Egg, and Birdcage Easter Egg.

Happy holidays!


Angel said...

Gorgeous !

Ann Martin said...

So nice, Inna! Really enjoyed seeing your new project.

Inna D. said...

Thank you very much, Ann!

Angel said...

Cute !!

i am a regular follower of your blog
i comment for all your posts :) but wonder what happens to them :)
im able to see my comment only for 5 minutes .