March 14, 2008

Chigiri-e flowers easy kids' craft

Chigiri-e Flowers

These flowers are made using chigiri-e technique, adapted for children.

We use plain white toilet paper, although it's considered unsuitable for chigiri-e. Place pieces of paper on a plastic bag so that they don't touch each other, and colour them with water colours. Don't draw the paintbrush, just touch the paper allowing it to absorb the paint. Let dry. Tear pieces of desired size and shape from the paper and glue them on a sheet of paper according to your design.

Chigiri-e Flowers

I must say that even the most restless of my kids likes sitting tearing and gluing pieces of paper. Here, for instance, one of the children's "creations":

Chigiri-e Flowers


Anonymous said...

soy Boliviana ciudad de La Paz, me gustaria tener mas informacion de esta tecnica milenaria en español correo hermosa muy hermosa y mistica

Inna D. said...

I'm really sorry but I can't help you with it :(