April 14, 2008

Thank you card: Quilled iris flowers

Iris flowers, quilling

More of my paper quilling. Flowers, butterflies... I don't buy quilling paper, but cut 3 mm (or 1/8'') strips of available colored paper or even hand-dye plain copy paper. The strips can be also used for framing and lettering, like in this card.

If you are a beginner in paper quilling, check out this quick-start video: "An Introduction to Quilling".

UPDATE: This is one of my early quilled creations. I've been quilling for more than a year since it was published. You can read my other articles (including tutorials) and look at my quilling artwork by clicking on "quilling" label.

1 comment:

Carolina~ said...

my name is carolina, live in Chile, i'am make filigrana...you work is wonderfull, beuty.bye.