April 15, 2008

Quilled peacock card

Quilled Peacock Card

I created this peacock card with almost solely simple quilling shapes: eyes and teardrops. The tail feathers are made of tricolor strips. As I use hand-colored and hand-cut quilling paper strips, I painted both sides of an A4 size paper in three different colors — green, yellow and blue (in this order). Each color took a third of the sheet. Then I cut my strips. If you have pre-cut quilling papers, just join strips of different colors to get a single strip for each feather. When quilling the teardrops for the feathers, I started rolling from the blue end, so that the blue part went inside, and the green outside. The yellow in between. This gave my quilling a special look, I hope.

As you can see, my quilled peacock has also nice big eyes and elegant V-scrolls on its head. The quilled letters were the difficult part, but I found the inspiration in this alphabet letters pattern.


Unknown said...

delightfully done,are your design free to use as inspiration,as I use Serif Craft artist to create digital pictures for my own pleasure.

Inna D. said...

Thank you, Tony. My original designs, patterns and ideas are free for personal, non-profit use.