May 14, 2008

Make a cookie wall hanging

Actually, it's not a mobile and not made of cookies. We had a lot of fun while making this very simple hanging decoration. Now two such "mobiles" are hanging on the wall above the children's beds. Maybe some day we'll arrange the shapes into something more complex, but the main idea remains the same. We used our favourite "Keramikal", but any other modelling material will do.

1. Roll out the modelling material to about 5 mm (1/4 inch) thick.

Shapes. Stamping out.

2. Stamp out different shapes using cookie cutters.

3. Make holes with a toothpick.

4. Place the shapes on a flat surface and let them dry.

Shapes Drying.

5. Bake. I mean fire. This step is optional and depends on the material of your choice.


6. Paint the shapes and tie them to a string.

Let your kids do everything themselves, but please, don't allow them to get close to a kitchen stove.

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