May 9, 2008

Blue papier-mache bird

Papier Mache Bird

I found the idea of such a birdie on the wonderful Tatyana Dubinsky's blog (in Russian): "Primitive papier-mache". Used a small plastic bottle as a mould, crumpled a paper ball — the head — and attached it, made a triangle cardboard beak. Attached a paper cone at the rear to be used for tail feathers later. Covered with three layers of papier-mache (small pieces of white paper with glue), attached feathers. Finished by painting and gluing wiggly eyes.


Ana Baird said...

Lovely! Great colours too!

Roberta said...

Hi Inna,

First of all, thanks for signing my guestbook.
I went through your blog and your work is fantastic! Such an imagination... really great! I just love the well... and 3d flowers look great, not to mention matchbox table and all the other things!

I'll come back to check your new work! Take care,