May 12, 2009

Make a sea world themed vase using window sticker paints

Finished vase with sea animals

With my elder daughter we like window sticker paint (we have Amos Glass Deco - Window Sticker Paint) and used it to make some window decorations for her room, but this time we decided to decorate something else. I bought a simple glass vase and we painted it for my mother's (her grandmother) birthday. The subject is the sea world, one of our favorites. Some of the patterns came with the paint, when others are our designs.

First, we drew fish and other sea animals with pencil on plain paper and cut them out.

Pencil drawing of a fish

Then we attached the cut-outs inside the vase using an adhesive tape. After that we put a white crumpled sheet into the vase to press the patterns to the glass, so that they can be easily seen on white background.

Tracing the pattern

We traced the patterns of fish, seaweed etc. using black paint and let it dry.

Coloring the animals

On the next day we colored the animals and painted "water". My daughter was very pleased with the result, and what a special gift the grandmother got! :)

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